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    32 Baby Boy Name Ideas and Their Meanings

    32 Baby Boy Name Ideas and Their Meanings

    Choosing a name for your baby boy can be quite a daunting task for any new parents. You want to choose a name that has meaning, but you also want to make sure it looks and sounds nice too. This is the name your baby will be using probably all their life so you want to choose one that they also will like. The following is a list of baby boy names you can try along with their meanings:

    1. Aaron

    This is a Hebrew name that means 'exalted' or 'lofty'. It was used to describe a position of nobility in society. In the Bible, Aaron was Moses' brother and the first high priest in Israel. Aaron was also a character in one of Shakespeare's masterpieces, Titus Andronicus.

    2. Anton

    This name is inspired by an old Latin name, Antonius, which means 'priceless'. Its origins are in Europe in France, Germany and Russia.

    3. Brandon 

    This has been a popular boy name for the past few decades and it's still going strong. It has English origins and debuted in the 1950s on the Social Security Administration.

    4. Brian

    This name has Celtic, Gaelic and Irish origins and it means strength, ascension or valor. It also is used to refer to the noble or high in society. The name became famous as a result of the renowned Brian Boru, a great national hero and high king who crushed all attempts by the Vikings to take his country.

    5. Caleb

    This is another Hebrew name with origins in the Bible. It's literal meaning is "dog" but it's usually translated into "loyal" and "faithful". Caleb was one of the few people who left Egypt with Moses and survived long enough to see the promised land.

    6. Damian

    This is a Greek name which means 'one who subdues or tames.' It also has religious origins; Saint Damian was an early Christian martyr. It has a slew of international spelling if you want to make it your own.

    7. Dylan

    This has its origins in Welsh mythology. Dylan means 'great wave', and it's is the name of the God of the sea.

    8. Edward

    This is a British name with Old English origin. It means "wealthy guard". It was traditionally viewed as a regal name as it was the name of the eight kings who ruled England since the Norman Conquest.

    9. Ethan

    This is a Hebrew name that means "strong" and "firm". It's a biblical and traditional pick for people who are enduring and sturdy.

    10. Flynn

    This is an Irish name that means "son of a red-haired man". The name evokes images of a dashing hero, thanks to famous 40s actor Errol Flynn.

    11. Gavin

    This is a handsome name with Welsh roots. It means little falcon or white falcon.

    12. Grayson

    This British name simply means "son of the gray-haired man". It has many variations in spelling such as Greyson, Graysen and Greysen.

    13. Henry

    This is one of the most powerful names in history. It has its origins in Germany and means "Home ruler". Throughout history, the name Henry has belonged to some of the most important personalities, including six French kings and eight British kings.

    14. Ivan

    This name has Slavic, Russian, and Hebrew origin. Ot means "God is gracious".

    15. Justin

    This name has Latin origin and means just, righteous and upright. Justin has been a popular boys' name especially in the past two decades with famous artists like Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake using the name.

    16. Keenan

    Keenan is a beautiful boy's name with Gaelic and Irish origin. It simply means "ancient" but makes for a great name even in modern times.

    17. Karl

    The name is of Old German origin and it means "free man".

    18. Louis

    This is a popular boy's name with Latin origin. It means "famous warrior" and would make a great name for your son. It is also heavily linked with royalty, having been held by 18 French kings over the years.

    19. Maximilian

    As a boy's name, Maximilian has Latin origin, and it means "greatest". Who doesn't want to grow up knowing they're the greatest?

    20. Neil

    This name has Gaelic and Irish origin, and the meaning of Neil is "champion".

    21. Nicholas

    This name has Greek origin, and it means "people of victory". It's the name you want to give your son if you want him to be victorious in everything.

    22. Pascal

    This name is of Latin origin and it means "Easter child". It is a great name especially if you have your baby around Easter.

    23. Pierce

    This has English and Greek origin. It means "rock" which signifies strength and hardiness.

    24. Quinn

    This name has Celtic, Gaelic, Scottish and Irish origins. It means "wise" or "intelligent".

    25. Richard

    This is another popular name with Old German origins. Richard means "powerful leader" and has been held over the centuries by many powerful leaders.

    26. Sterling

    Sterling is a name with British origins, and the meaning is "genuine" or "of high quality".

    27. Tyson

    Tyson is a name with French origin, and derived from the French word "tison" which means "firebrand". The name itself means "high-spirited", which is a fitting description of one of the most famous people to ever have the name, Mike Tyson.

    28. Uriel

    This name has Hebrew origins, and it means "flame of God" or "angel of light".

    29. Victor

    You already know what the word Victor means in the English Language. The name Victor has Latin origins and it simply means "champion".

    30. Walter

    This name has German origins and it means "commander of the army". Walter is steadfast and solid and has a touch of grandness that's hard to find in other names.

    31. Xander

    This name originated from ancient Greece and it means "defender of man".

    32. Yanni

    This is a popular Hebrew name which means "God is gracious".

    33. Zeus

    This name has Greek origins and it means "living". If you are familiar with Greek mythology, you know that Zeus was the king of the Greek gods and also the most powerful.

    Hopefully, the list above has given you some inspiration as to what you might like to name your new baby boy. There are of course a ton of names to choose from and although the task of choosing one might feel daunting, just remember to go with something both you and your partner agree on and enjoy.

    Good luck!

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