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    14 Great Gender Reveal Ideas For Your Big Day

    14 Great Gender Reveal Ideas For Your Big Day

    When you are pregnant, one of the biggest things people are curious about is the gender of the baby. Learning if your baby is a boy or a girl is always an exciting and special moment for the parents to be, their families and friends. Today, gender reveal parties have become the norm for parents who don't want to wait till after birth to learn the child's gender. People are getting more creative and coming up with new ideas of how to reveal their kid's gender. The following are some great gender reveal ideas you can try:

    1. Gender Reveal Cake

    Cakes have always been used to mark many of life's special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and more. Now, cakes are also being used in gender reveal parties. A typical gender reveal cake looks just like a normal cake only that when you cut it, the inside is full of either blue or pink color. A gender reveal cake is always a great way to share the good news with family and friends then proceed to share the cake with them.

    2. Gender Reveal Box

    A gender reveal box is another popular and cheap way to learn your baby's gender. A big box is filled with either blue or pink balloons which are filled with helium gas. When the parents to be slice open the box, the balloons fly out revealing the baby's gender.

    3. Gender Reveal Cupcakes or Cake Pops

    Gender reveal cupcakes and cake pops are also a great way to reveal the sex of your child while serving the guests some dessert. The inside of the cupcakes is filled with blue or pink cake. Unlike cakes, cupcakes or cake pops allow your guests to take part in the gender reveal by biting into their dessert.

    4. Gender Reveal Piñata

    Piñatas are another great gender reveal idea especially if you want to build the suspense before finding out the sex of the baby. The piñata may be filled with candy or confetti with blue or pink color.

    5. Gender Reveal Balloon Pop

    Balloons are also a fun way to discover the gender of your child. Just like the piñata, a balloon can be filled with either pink or blue confetti or powder. At the party, the parents to be pop the balloon in front of friends and family to reveal their child's gender.

    6. Gender Reveal Party Poppers

    If you want all your guests to participate and have fun at your gender reveal party, you can use party poppers. The party poppers should be filled with blue or pink confetti then handed out to each of your guests. Everyone pops their party popper at the same time to reveal the baby's gender.

    7. Gender Reveal Using Paint

    You can have cans of paint full of blue or pink paint and then open them at the gender reveal party. If you don't mind getting messy, you can fill water guns with colored paint and have the guests spray you with it after the countdown. Make sure you wear white clothes to make the pink or blue really stand out. Not only is this method extremely fun for you and your guests, it also helps you get amazing pictures to mark the special occasion.

    8. Gender Reveal Smoke Bomb

    If you are looking for something more out of the ordinary, smoke bombs are a fun way to reveal your child's gender. Smoke bombs can be purchased in different colors. You may simply hold up the smoke bomb and set it off or find more creative ways to set it off. While using smoke bombs, always follow the safety guidelines outlined in the smoke bombs packaging.

    9. Gender Reveal Fireworks

    Some people don't want to settle for ordinary baby reveal parties. If you are looking for a truly unforgettable gender reveal experience, there are few ideas that can have the same impact and spectacle as fireworks. You can buy fireworks that turn blue or pink when they blow up. However, before deciding to use fireworks, make sure it is legal to do so or wait till around the 4th of July to set them off.

    10. Gender Reveal Football

    If you are a huge fan of sports, you can opt to use a gender reveal ball. A gender reveal ball is basically a ball for any sport filled with blue or pink powder that explodes when you kick it. The type of ball you get and how you open it depends on the game you prefer. For instance, if you love baseball, you can use a baseball bat to smash open the ball.

    11. Gender Reveal Silly Strings

    If you don't mind dealing with a mess later on, you can have the guests spray you with either blue or pink silly string to reveal your baby's gender. In addition to this being a unique gender reveal idea, it also brings out laughs from everyone at the party making it a truly memorable moment.

    12. Gender Reveal Darts

    Instead of a regular dart, you can make a balloon dart board and then have the balloons filled with either blue or pink colored paint. When it is time, throw a dart at the balloons to reveal the baby's gender.

    13. Gender Reveal Drink

    You will need a number of packets of either blue or pink colored drink mixes. Give each of your guests a packet and have them pour it into a water bottle at the same time. When it's done, all the guests will be holding water bottles full of either pink or blue water.

    14. Pop-The-Belly Gender Reveal

    If you want to turn your gender reveal party into a really fun game for everyone to participate in, try the pop the belly gender reveal idea. In this method, a number of balloons filled with paint are stuck on a board. All the balloons are filled with white paint except one that is filled with either blue or pink paint. Now you can play a game to see who pops the gender revealing balloon first.

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