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    14 Exciting Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Friends and Family

    14 Exciting Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Friends and Family

    For parents, pregnancy can be one of the most rewarding, special, intimate times of a relationship, and prepping for your new little boy or girl is a time of wonder and excitement. Whether you are a first-time parent, or this is your 2nd or 3rd child announcing that you are pregnant and sharing this experience with your family and loved ones can be one of the most rewarding experiences. Be creative and make this announcement one that you will remember for a lifetime, with these DIY ideas.

    When to Announce You're Pregnant?

    When you first find out you are pregnant, it can be difficult to keep this exciting news from family and friends. It is advised, to make sure that you have taken all of the medical precautions, ensured the fetus is healthy and strong, and that your maternal health is on track with little complications before you reveal to family and friends. Most women and couples wait until the 14-week mark to be safe, while others prefer to wait until they know the gender. There is no perfect way or time to reveal when you are pregnant, but it is important to consider this information before you share your big secret. It’s important to remember when you are revealing to others, your partner should of course know ahead of time.

    Memorable Ideas to Tell Your Partner

    1. Alcohol-less champagne

    Decorate a bottle of champagne with a sneaky label that says “we’re pregnant” or write on the bottle yourself. Invite your partner to share this drink with you. Fill the bottle with alcohol-free sparkling cider or another sparkling drink of your choice. When your partner notices that the liquid is non-alcoholic and doesn’t taste as expected, surprise!!

    2. Leave the pregnancy test on the bathroom counter

    A more obvious way to show your partner is to leave the pregnancy test for him to find on the bathroom counter. Leave it in an obvious place so that he notices and doesn’t accidentally throw it away. This will be a subtle but quick and easy way to reveal your exciting news!

    3. Mug of cereal announcement

    Pour your man a cup of joe in the morning or make him that morning bowl of cereal. You can self-decorate a mug or the bottom of a cereal bowl with messages such as “soon to be dad!” or “world’s greatest dad!” He will surely not expect the bottom of his morning cup to say THAT.

    4. Write a simple letter

    Are you creative and on a low budget? Write your man a card or a poem! Some clever ideas have been short and sweet sentences like “are you making me nauseous, or am I…..” and upon opening the inside it will say “pregnant!”

    5. Scrabble

    Are you and your man (or wife) big into playing board games? Inconspicuously leave the note on a scrabble board for them to notice at their leisure.

    6. T-shirts

    If you can spare the cash, get a t-shirt made that says “daddy to be” or “world’s greatest dad!” and leave it at the end of the bed or table for him to find when he comes home from work.

    7. Wrap up some new parents’ books

    A great idea is to wrap up some parent books for him to open and discover that he’s going to be a dad. Books such as “the first 9 months” or “what to expect when you’re expecting” are great places to start.

    How to Reveal to Family

    1. Frame a photo

    Frame a photo that reveals that you may be pregnant. For example, you and your husband or wife could post a photo holding a pair of shoes and leave it up to your family to discover you are pregnant.

    2. Use a fortune cookie

    If you already have a family and like to eat take out on the weekends, have a fortune cookie with the message “you’re going to be a brother, sister or grandma and grandpa!” Sit back and watch the excitement begin when they read the message. 

    3. Pop a balloon with the pregnancy announcement inside

    Especially if you have a family, a great way to reveal is putting a message in a balloon! Blow up multiple balloons with the message inside. This is an especially fun way to reveal to older siblings or cousins. Instruct the family to pop the balloons until they pop the one with the message inside and surprise! Baby announcement inside!

    4. Onesie “world’s greatest”

    Making a print on a t-shirt is a simple and inexpensive way to reveal that you are expecting! Print a message on a onesie, such as “I have the world’s greatest grandpa or grandma!” or “I have the best big sister/brother!” to reveal this exciting news.

    5. Bake a cake, cupcakes or cookies!

    Not sure of the gender? Want a low cost and fun way to reveal your pregnancy? Bake a cake or cookies! If you bake a cake, you can put the message “we are expecting!” or “baby on the way!” and make sure your loved ones notice the message before they cut into the cake. If you’re making cookies or cupcakes, make blue and pink cupcakes and make sure that your family takes the hint before they indulge.

    6. Wrap up your pregnancy test as a gift

    Explain to your loved ones that you have a gift for them. Save your pregnancy test and place it inside a nicely decorated box. Ensure that your audience is age appropriate for this low-cost way to reveal!

    7. Instagram or Facebook

    A great way to share with family and loved ones that are far away is to post an inconspicuous photo of you and your husband or wife, with a subtle message stating you are pregnant. This could be as simple as holding a sign or note that says “baby on the way!” or decorating a t-shirt that says, “we’re expecting!’ and wearing it in the photo.

    Wrapping Up

    Becoming a parent is one of life’s greatest adventures. It’s also a special time to prepare and bond with your husband or wife and family as they embark on this exciting journey with you. Make your pregnancy announcement a special and memorable time for everyone. Use these ideas to celebrate and enjoy this wonderful time!

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