ComfortPlus Mesh Baby Shoes Sneakers

ComfortPlus Mesh Baby Shoes Sneakers

ComfortPlus Mesh Baby Shoes Sneakers

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* Please reference our size guide before ordering

  • Easy slip-on
  • Anti-skid sole
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Breathable mesh
  • Stretchable fabric
  • Protective toe cap
  • Cute design

Our ComfortPlus Mesh Sneakers are the perfect combination of comfort and support for your little walker. Stretchable mesh fabric makes them breathable and the non-slip bottoms will help keep your child stabilized.

The stretchable upper material also make them easy to slip on and ultra-convenient for children with chubby feet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can These Be Worn Without Socks?
Yes, ComfortPlus Mesh Baby Shoes can be worn with or without socks based on personal preference.

How Do I Clean Them?
For best results we recommend hand washing them or machine washing them on a gentle cycle. To dry, tumble dry on low or let them air dry.

Do They Have Arch Support?
No, the ComfortPlus Baby Shoes don't have any artificial arch support built into them. This is to allow for the baby's arches to develop naturally.

Are They Good for Wide/Chunky Feet?
Yes! The flexible upper material allows the shoes to stretch for feet that are wide or chunky making them the perfect fit.

Do You Have a Sizing Guide?
Yes, we have a sizing guide on all of our product pages. Please ensure you reference the sizing guide for the pair of shoes you're looking to purchase and measure the child's foot before a purchase is made.

Do These Run Large, Small, or Normal?
The ComfortPlus Mesh Shoes run large.

Are They Comfortable?
Yes! In fact, many of our customers say that Baby Waves shoes are the only shoes their child will wear.

Are They Waterproof?
No. The uppers of our ComfortPlus Mesh Sneakers are made with fabric and will absorb water if submerged.

Do They Allow the Foot to Breathe?
Yes! The upper mesh material is designed to allow the foot to breathe. This helps to keep your little one's feet dry and cool.

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